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Die Wegbereiter für kluges Online-Shopping - jeder Kauf eine gute Entscheidung Make Someone's Day Special By Sending Them A Jacquie Lawson® Ecard! Send A Note On Special Occasions Or Just Because With Unlimited Ecard Access passport. 3. If the OCI card is issued for the first time after the age of 50 years, then there is no need for re-issuance of OCI. 4. For an applicant who is 21 to 49 years of age, there is NO need to re-issue OCI documents each time a new passport is issued. However, if the applicant desires, he / she can request re-issue of the OCI document to update the new passport number. For USA.

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  1. OCI cardholders under the age of 20 are required to renew their OCI card each time they receive a new passport within a stipulated time frame. Along with renewing OCI documents, they have to pay applicable fees as required. New Passport Upon Turning 50 Once you reach the age of 50, you must apply for OCI card renewal and have your visa re-issued
  2. Check your eligibility for new OCI Card before you start your registration. To avail Miscellaneous Service, you must be an existing OCI Card Holder; This service can be availed for re-issuance / issuance of duplicate OCI documents in the following category of cases: In case of issuance of new passport
  3. This video explains about how to change or update information in your OCI Card. If you want to update Address, New Passport, Nationality, Name, Father's Name..
  4. However, this will be subject to the condition that the OCI cardholder will have to travel along with old and new passports and the OCI card having an old passport number, it said. Under OCI..
  5. Visit the OCI page of the MEA passort.gov Select OCI from the Miscellaneous Services menu. You will have to provide details like your passport number, OCI registration number, etc. You will be then re-directed to the OCI pag

Some of the reasons for OCI card updates include (1) change of address, (2) change of job, (3) renewal of US passport requiring an passport number update on the OCI. The last of these is especially frequent since US passports for minors are valid only for five years If so then can the PIO card number used in place of the OCI card to register to the required sites. Reply ↓ indianeagle Post author 2020-10-20 at 8:39 am. Hi Anand! As far as we know, PIO cardholders are eligible to travel to India till December 2021. Please be advised to make further queries to the nearest Indian embassy or consulate for your satisfaction. Thanks for reaching out to us. The new criteria of the OCI card validity came into effect this November 1. The OCI card holders within the age bracket of 20 years are required to get their OCI cards reissued each time when their passport is reissued, according to the Consulate General of India. Those above 20 years of age are exempted from ensuring this criterion of validity Foreign nationals cannot apply for OCI in India while on Tourist Visa, Missionary Visa and Mountaineering Visa. Moreover, the foreigner has to be ordinarily resident of India to be eligible to apply for OCI registration in India. Note: 'ordinarily resident' will mean a person staying in a particular country or in India for a continuous period of 6 months. Application for registration as OCI. OCI card needs to be re-issued each time a new passport is acquired by the cardholder up to the age of 20 years. OCI card is required to be re-issued once on acquiring a new passport after completing 50 years of age. Re-issuance of OCI card is not required each time a passport is issued to a cardholder between 21 and 50 years of age

If your OCI booklet or the passport with OCI sticker is damaged then you have to apply for re-issue of a new OCI card. Similarly, you need to apply for a new OCI card if you wish to change name or address or correct any information like the date of birth or the place of birth Re-issuance of OCI card is not required each time a passport is issued to a cardholder between 21 and 50 years of age. This is to inform that Government of India has decided to grant temporary relaxation till 30th June 2020 in the following cases: (i) In case an OCI card holder below the age of 20 years has not got OCI card re-issued on change of passport, he/she may travel on the strength of. The ministry said the relaxation has been given in the following cases: In case an OCI card holder below the age of 20 years has not got OCI card re-issued on change of passport, he/she may travel on the strength of his/her existing OCI card bearing old passport number subject to the condition that along with the new passport, the OCI cardholder carries old passport mentioned in the OCI card Re-issuance of OCI registration certificate is not mandatory each time a new passport is issued between 21-50 years of age. However, if the applicant wishes to obtain new set of OCI documents, he/she can apply for the same. If the OCI card is issued at the age of 50 years, there is no need for re-issuance of OCI. 16. What should be done for. Most of Airline companies are barring the travel of OCI card holders with a renewed passport and NOT reissued OCI Cards (current OCI cards have the old passport number) from boarding the plane to India. Considering the holiday season in the US and the several weeks of time required in re-issuance of the OCI card, it is highly challenging for OCI card holders to get their OCI card renewed on.

Few changes that govt could make in contentious citizenship amendment bill ; The holders of the Overseas Citizens of India or OCI cards, who are either below 20 years or above 50 years of age and have renewed their passports, can continue their travel to India till June 30, subject to them carrying both the old and new passports along with OCI card, according to an official notification issued. OCI Card holders travelling to India are required to carry their Passport containing the U Visa sticker as well as the OCI Card, in order to avoid problems at Immigration check points in India. In case a registered OCI has obtained a new passport, it is important to carry the old passport containing the U Visa sticker, the new passport and the OCI document, during all visits to India. This. Print the form and paste your photograph on the OCI form and sign where indicated. You will get a NEW Web Reference Number from the Government website which will be used to register your application on CKGS website as well track the status of your submitted application. Sample number: USAH01D24N20 Applied from another jurisdiction other than the jurisdiction of residence applicants must apply for OCI in Lieu of PIO card $100.00 $3.00 $15.90: $118.90 OCI Re-issue (New Passport) $25.00 $3.00 $15.90: $43.90 OCI Re-issue (Lost/Damaged) $100.00 $3.00 $15.90: $118.90 OCI Misc. Change of Particulars Change of Appearance Correction of OCI Online Form Change of Address/Occupation $25.00 $3.00. OCI Card: $421+ Consular Surcharge: $4 Total: $425: Processing Fee: $7.4+ Courier fee: 2: Re-issuance of OCI card (due to change of Personal particular/passport) $39+ Consular Surcharge: $4 Total: $43: Processing Fee: $7.4+ Courier fee: 3: Issue of duplicate OCI card in case of Loss/Damage of OCI documents: $153+ Consular Surcharge: $4 Total: $15

Yes. OCI/PIO details can be changed as per your new passport. However, the changes cannot be done on your old OCI/PIO card. In order to include your new passport details in your OCI/PIO card, you need to apply for re-issue of your OCI Card. Thus, you need to select Change of Passport Particulars under OCI Miscellaneous Services • In case of change of personal particulars viz. nationality etc., • In case of loss/damage of OCI Card/U-visa. • In case of Name change after marriage or name change on New Passport Re-issuance of OCI Card and U-visa is not mandatory in the following cases: • Each time a new passport is issued between 21-50 years of age

If accepted, the OCI card is sent to the consulate from Delhi, India. This step usually takes about 60 days. Step two: The Consulate will receive the OCI card, and the applicant must send their U.S. passport to the Consulate. This takes about 3 days. Step three: The Consulate matches the U.S. passport with the OCI card. This usually takes one week New OCI card (regardless of the age of applicant) 278: 2.00: 7.40: 2: PIO card holder who was above 18 yrs of age at the time of issuance of PIO card: 26: 2.00: 7.40: 35.40: 3: PIO card holder who was below 18 years of age at the time of issuance of PIO card: 147: 2.00: 7.40: 156.40: 4: OCI Misc service [lost or damaged OCI card] 101: 2.00: 7.

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They can ask for re-issue out of choice if they want the OCI documents to carry the correct passport number. Tips for OCI card holders and applicants. Do not book the tickets for travel before getting the OCI Card and Passport in hand. Arrange the documents according to the checklist. Sign carefully in the assigned spaces. Do not overwrite on the application form A after it is printed. The OCI.

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